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    MEP Support Fixing

    This webinar series will provide an overview on key insights of past incidents, ratio of investment vs renovation cost, touch upon the latest guidelines advising on Design consideration for anchor, importance of selecting right application with right design using Profis Engineering to perform better and how to safeguard from Fire,…

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    Rebarring Applications

    In the past, connecting existing concrete members to new ones was a tedious task requiring chipping of the concrete to expose the reinforcement and tying or welding new reinforcement to it. However, since the 1980s, post-installed reinforcing bars (rebars) installed with chemical mortars have made connecting existing concrete members to…

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    Industrial Applications

    The requirements are very specific and often considered critical for Industrial Projects. In this series, we will showcase the Hilti solutions available to cater to these specific needs.Also gain understanding of how HILTI can serve you better at most optimized cost which ensuring productivity as well.

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    Facade Applications

    While drilling concrete & installing anchors by local practices unseen cracks get developed and lead to significant changes in anchoring load transfer and performance. So bracket fixing in all positions need to be designed with cracked consideration. So let us understand how safety level of Fastening is linked to safety…

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    Firestopping in Data Centre Facilities

    One of the biggest concern in Datacenter operation is risk of "Downtime" which may happen due to combination of identified or unidentified reasons. Fire safety is one of key reason which causes business interruptions, damage to assets, brand image and business loss. Air flow control is also key pain point…

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    Firestopping in Healthcare Facilities

    Fire accident in a hospital is the biggest threat now-a-days where safe evacuation becomes challenging sometimes. We all know that Fire safety needs to be ensured through proper design, installation and regularly inspection. On referring available codes and standards, fire safety can be improvised by following combination of Active and…

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    Passive Fire Protection

    Fire protection systems can save lives and contain damage to a building during a fire. They’re also a legal requirement. Passive fire protection systems are designed to stop the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases in a fire.They block gaps in walls, ceilings and floors caused by penetrations from…

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    The Retrofit Approach

    In recent years, the construction industry has seen an increasing demand to reinstate, rejuvenate, strengthen and upgrade existing concrete structures. For this process we need to retrofit the existing structure based on the necessity. There involves number of stages in the process of retrofitting starting from Need for Retrofitting, Inspection,…

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    Profis Engineering

    Our cloud based complete connection design software for steel to concrete connection gives reliable and accurate results through Finite Element Analysis of the connection, integrates with software like STAAD Pro, ETABS, AutoCAD – increasing productivity, reducing duplication of work and improving value.

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    Base Plate Applications

    The webinar outlines the importance of designing the post-installed anchors in seismic conditions. While highlighting the design aspect using references from ETAG, the webinar also addresses the change in anchor behavior during an earthquake, seismic categories, qualification processes and design options.